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Before the Big Snow


I took this while waiting for the ‘Big Snow’ to begin.  I liked the texture of the fire hydrant in contrast with the snow.


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Clock 1:25

It was 1:25, and I was all alone.  Time.  To.  Myself.  The kids had gone to a neighbor’s house for a birthday party, and I was gifted with quiet.  I turned off the radio, finished up my mopping, and then picked up my Bible to sit down and read.  I savored it.

Most days, I don’t get a large segment of time all to myself.  But, I can still choose to use small moments to breathe and reflect.  Life happens so quickly these days, it can be hard to hear yourself think.   Those quiet moments do so much to refill me and realign my perspective. 

‘Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
Psalm 90:12

Project Simple Pleasures2

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Stepping out back while the burgers were grilling, I took this shot of a rose.
We were at my parents’ house celebrating birthdays.
A good time being with family, laughing, and having fun.
A gift to be unwrapped while real gifts were being unwrapped.
Enjoy the moments.


I’m linking this up with Tuesdays Unwrapped and Sweet Shot Tuesdays.  Be sure and visit these two sites for lots of beauty and inspiration:

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I’ve Moved

You can find me at http://whispersofgrace.net .

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So how did you do yesterday?  Was it a blur or a collection of treasured moments?

For me, it was a little bit of both.  The blur happened, but then I would remember and stop for a moment.  I think it takes some practice.  I’m going to try again today.  Like so many other things I want to develop in my life, it is a process.

Funny thing, too.  Part of the blur yesterday involved something that was also beautiful.  Two friends helping another friend who had recently moved.  There was a lot of beauty there. One friend has a tremendous gift for cleaning and organizing.  She loves it.  It was a wonder to watch her in her element – using her gifts to bless another.  She left behind her rooms that spoke of calmness and peace – a haven of order in the midst of the chaos unpacking brings.

The friend who had moved showed beauty by letting others walk into her mess. She chose to be open. She chose to let others in.  In so doing, she was blessed.  And those who helped her were blessed as well.

Yes, there are lots of things I want to practice:
Being open.
Giving my full attention to my children, husband, and others.
Listening to what God is teaching me.

All things that take time. 

But things that also develop strength.  Beautiful strength.  Strength that grows little by little.

I wonder what beauty I will see today.

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Dandelion in Green


Dandelion in Pink


Beauty . . . .  even in an unwanted weed.

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Drip Drip Drop

This is running through my head today.  Enjoy.

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